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Customer Testimonials

Alok Mishra | 22.05.2013
I want to thank you for the products and amazing customer service you provide and just the way y'all do business. It's so easy and quick to order, and I've been 100% satisfied with every interaction I've had with Amar Narain Industries. Thank you!.
Rajdeep Saxena | 06.02.2013
Thank you! What a pleasure to do business with a company that is singularly focused on attention to detail, and customer loyalty.
Paul Adams | 27.05.2012
We have found the quality of the Products to be excellent and on the rare times that there has been an issue, Amar Narain Industries has reacted promptly to address and remedy it.

Why Us?

We are the preferred choices among clients. Following are the parameters that makes us different from others:

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Skilled Manpower
  • Easy And Fast Delivery System
  • Industry Leading Prices
  • Robust Infrastructure

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Welcome to Amar Narain Industries

Amar Narain Industries Alum is the chemical compound used in a lot of industrial processes due to its beneficial properties like astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorant, etc.

We Amar Narain Industries are a established Manufacturer and Supplier of qualitative range of-
  • Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Industrial Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Ammonium Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Chemical Industry Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Ferric Ammonium Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Water Soluble Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Laboratory Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Alum Crystal, Chemicals Alum Powder and Crystals
  • ETP Alum Powder and Crystals
  • Ferric Alum Powder and Crystals and Non Ferric Alum Powder and Crystals.

Our extensive range of alum is pure, safe and stable and widely acknowledged for accurate composition, reliability, long shelf life. Moreover, we are the proud owner of ISI membership.

Our Products

Red Ammonium Alum
Product Code : RAA 08
Product Code : P 02
Ferric Alum Slab
Product Code : FAS 04
White Ammonium Alum
Product Code : WAA 09
Ammonium Alum Powder
Product Code : AAP 10
Ammonium Alum Lump
Product Code : AAL 15
Product Code : A 01
Potassium Alum
Product Code : PA 02
Potash Alum
Product Code : PA 03

Product Code : F 06

Ferric Alum
Product Code : FA 07

Ammonia Alum
Product Code : AA 15

Non Ferric Alum Slab
Product Code : NFAS 05